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Control of RNA lifespan is vital for the proper functioning of our cells. Marc Bühler's group at the Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research (FMI) has discovered a novel mechanism determining the fate of RNA in mammalian cells: two proteins involved in RNA interference...

The Allain lab (ETH Zurich) together with the Sponer group (Institute of Biophysics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Brno, Czech Republic) has published a paper describing the role of water molecules in the RNA recognition by the RNA recognition motif (RRM) of the Fox-1 protein, which is a...

We would like to welcome Jeffrey Chao, FMI Basel (left picture) and Marc-David Ruepp, University of Bern (right picture) who became junior principal investigators of the NCCR RNA & Disease as of May 2017.

Medienmitteilung Universität Zürich
UZH-Biochemiker Martin Jinek erhält für seine Forschung den begehrten HHMI International Research Scholar Award.

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Website Jinek Lab

Press Release / Medienmitteilung Universität Bern
Two research teams from the University of Bern and the ETH Zurich have developed a new method to shed light onto a mostly unknown process of bacterial protein production. Their results could be used for the design of new antibiotics.

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Press Release / Medienmitteilung Universität Bern
A team of researchers from the Universities of Bern and Freiburg (D) have developed a new method that enables the identification of proteins imported into mitochondria. This leads to a better understanding of disease mechanisms linked to defective...

Portrait Thomas R. Cech im Bund und Tages-Anzeiger
Ein Portrait von Tom Cech mit dem Titel "Der Dogma-Brecher" wurde im Bund und Tages-Anzeigerpubliziert. Das von Nik Walter geschriebene Portrait basiert in Teilen auf einem Interview, welches im Rahmen des Besuchs von Tom Chech als NCCR RNA &...

The fifth edition of the NCCR RNA & Disease Newsletter -The Messenger has been published:

  • Editorial Frédéric Allain
  • Junior principal investigators of the NCCR RNA & Disease Fostering the new generation of Swiss RNA researchers
  • Research highlights A noncanonical way out of pluripotency /...

We would like to congratulate Helge Grosshans on being awarded an ERC Advanced Grant. The ERC funded project "Cyclode" will investigate the role of oscillatory gene expression in animal development and aims at deciphering the components of the associated timekeeper.

Website Grosshans Lab

Press Release / Medienmitteilung Universität Bern
A species of unicellular ciliate has found a special trick to make use of the cellular machinery in seemingly impossible ways. Researchers of the NCCR "RNA & Disease - The Role of RNA Biology in Disease Mechanisms" of the University of Bern have for...