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“You are Full of Power: Career Navigation for Women”

“You are Full of Power: Career Navigation for Women”

NCCR RNA & Disease Workshop: “You are Full of Power: Career Navigation for Women” September 16-17, 2021, in Bern

The NCCR RNA & Disease organized a two-day workshop on women’s personal success factors in becoming leaders in male-dominated environments. The workshop “You are Full of Power – Career Navigation for Women” took place on September 16-17, 2021, at the University of Bern and was led by Dr. Silvie Klein-Franke ( 

Course description:

Archetypes of leadership and the culture hurdles in organizations hinder women to achieve and keep leadership positions in male-dominated organizations. For women who are already on their way to obtain leadership-positions it is essential to be self-aware and deeply self-reflexive on their own personality. They further profit from understanding the systematic difficulties women encounter when aiming for a career. This is a prerequisite and basis on which they then can successfully apply a framework of differences between men and women and develop personal coping strategies.

Workshop aims:

  • become aware and achieve skills to use the chances of multi-perspective cooperation
  • understand dynamics in mixed teams
  • be able to predict the ‘glass-ceiling’ – the invisible professional barrier women encounter
  • realize approaches that make women successful in leadership positions
  • start developing personal strategies to successfully lead or perform within a diverse workforce

Workshop content:

  • Context and requirements for leadership
  • Know yourself – build personal profile
  • Understand cultural differences of men and women
  • Realize group dynamics and organizational culture
  • Align understanding towards context sensitive leadership strategies

Common career-strategies of women so far have been predominantly adaptation and confrontation. Both have brought women quite a way and changed already some conditions – except that for the respective women it has often been a hard time rather than pleasant fulfilment. Understanding the underlying patterns, differences and systematic and predictable undercurrents brings us on in the ability to react adequately to these surrounding conditions. This can enable women to be successful in the end - personally and professionally and further to promote the urgent issue of women’s participation in organizational and societal leadership.

About Dr. Silvie Klein-Franke: Dr. Silvie Klein-Franke is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and received the Constantinus-Award for staff development and training in 2008. She is an expert and auditor for a variety of institutions and has more than 20 years of leadership and change responsibilities for heterogeneous teams in the tertiary education sector. More information:

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