Lab Exchange Program

The NCCR RNA & Disease actively promotes the education of young researchers and encourages PhD students and postdocs to expand their scientific knowledge and expertise. As part of its educational program, the NCCR RNA & Disease offers a laboratory exchange program for PhD students and postdocs, enabling a stay in another laboratory for a limited amount of time in order to learn techniques and perform specialized experiments.

Duration, location and eligible costs:

The lab exchange program is granted for a stay (duration flexible) in any other laboratory (Switzerland and abroad). The lab exchange program covers travel and accommodation costs for the stay in another laboratory up to a maximum amount of CHF 3000.-. Additional costs should be covered by the applicant’s lab.

Requirements and application:

PhD students and postdocs from NCCR RNA & Disease labs as well as from NCCR RNA & Disease associated member labs are eligible to apply. Applicants must provide a written confirmation of their project leader that he/she supports the planned lab exchange as well as a written confirmation from the host laboratory stating that the applicant will be adequately supervised.
The application for a lab exchange program must be submitted using the special form “Lab exchange program application form” and must include all mandatory data and enclosures. The application can be sent at any time during the year to the NCCR management via e-mail to

Download Application Form

Evaluation criteria:

Applications will be evaluated by the NCCR management in accordance with the criteria listed below:

  • Conformity of the planned lab exchange with the objectives of the project
  • Value added to the project by the planned lab exchange
  • Relevance of the lab exchange to the applicant’s future career
  • Available funds