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The role of RNA in disease mechanisms


Connection between enhancer activity and splicing of long non coding RNAs discovered

A publication by the Marques lab on "The activity of human enhancers is modulated by the splicing of their associated…

Coronaviruses: Conserved targets identified for therapeutic intervention

Through the use of genetic screens the Thiel lab and collaborators identified host factors which are required for Corona…

New method for creating human in vitro translation lysates

The Mühlemann lab developed a new experimental approach to develop in vitro translation lysates from human cells using…

The battle of the SARS-CoV-2 variants: a winning approach

IVI News Release In order to fight the pandemic in the long term, it is crucial to understand why one variant prevails…

Welcome to Donald Hilvert!

Welcome to Donald Hilvert as a new associate member of the NCCR RNA & Disease.