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The role of RNA in disease mechanisms


Technical Approach to Investigate Weak Structures in Disordered Protein Domains

The Jeschke (D-CHAB, ETHZ) and Allain (D-BIOL, ETHZ) labs developed an approach to probe whether the conformational…

New Insights into the Conserverd Ribosomal Protein uS19 & its Disease Associated Mutations

The Chao lab's findings on the structure and function of the uS19 C-terminal tail during have just been published in…

Sanity: Analyzing single-cell data without distortion

Biozentrum (University of Basel) News Article Single-cell RNA sequencing is a powerful experimental method for…

How diet controls RNA maturation

Press Release / Communiqué de presse University of Geneva News Two UNIGE teams have discovered a new mechanism for…

Nenad Ban Elected to the National Academy of Sciences

Congratulations to Nenad Ban for being elected as a member of the National Academy of Sciences! Website Ban Lab