At the Swiss Biotech Day 2023 on April 24, a panel will take place on "RNA Therapeutics: The short, the long and genome editing"

The panel is sponsored by the NCCR RNA & Disease and Versameb.

RNA Therapeutics became broadly known through the mRNA-based vaccines to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.
Besides vaccines, RNA-based drugs can be used for a wide variety of medical applications such as short RNA drugs to suppress or alter gene expression, long RNAs to induce therapeutic protein production and RNAs are also an essential component of many genome engineering technologies such as CRISPR/Cas.  
Such therapeutic approaches will be discussed during the panel.


  • Jacob Corn - Full Professor ETH Zurich
  • Markus Stoffel - Full Professor ETH Zurich
  • Klaas Zuideveld - CEO Versameb

The NCCR RNA & Disease is a Swiss-wide research network on the role of RNA in Disease Mechanisms, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and its two home institutions the University of Bern and ETH Zurich.

Versameb is a privately held Basel-based company discovering and developing innovative RNA-based drugs with their proprietary functional mRNA platform VERSagile.