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Associate Membership NCCR RNA & Disease

As an effort to enhance the interconnections among Swiss scientists investigating RNA and disease-related problems, the NCCR RNA & Disease offers the possibility for interested group leaders to become associate members.

As an associate member you will have access to NCCR RNA & Disease activities and you will:

  • Expand your network with access to a large community of scientists in RNA biology
  • Be invited to NCCR RNA & Disease events such as retreats and workshops
  • Get access to NCCR RNA & Disease technology platforms under the same conditions as NCCR members (Crystallization, NGS, NMR, Proteomics, RNA Synthesis, Structural Mass Spectrometry Platform)
  • Get access to the NCCR RNA & Disease bioinformatics support
  • Have access to the NCCR lab exchange program
  • Have access to the Equal Opportunity Measures of the NCCR RNA & Disease

Research group leaders and physicians affiliated to a Swiss institution and working on topics related to RNA and disease can request to become an associate member of the NCCR RNA & Disease by submitting a letter of interest (1-2 pages) and a CV to  office[at]