Predoc Program RNA & Disease – Switzerland

The Swiss National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR) of RNA & Disease offers the possibility to explore different research directions and environments to prospective PhD students: Selected predoc students can perform 3 rotations of 4 months each in labs of the NCCR networks.

Predoc participants broaden their theoretical and methodological knowledge in different research fields related to RNA and disease and have the opportunity to build a professional network at an early career stage. Predoc students will receive the salary of equivalent to a first-year life science PhD student in Switzerland.

Candidates should obtain a Master’s degree or equivalent in Biology, Molecular Life Sciences, Biochemistry or a related discipline prior to the first lab rotation.

The application deadline for the 2021 call for the Predoc program is July 1, 2021. Interviews with shortlisted applicants are planned to take place at the beginning of September 2021 (online or on-site). The start of the first lab rotation is expected between November 2021 and February 2022.

How to apply
Apply on the Life Science Zurich Graduate School website.
Need help? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply.

Note: Please ensure to contact the referees as early as possible and enter their contact details in the application system, which can be done before submitting the application. The reference letters need to be submitted latest by July 1, 2021. Applications that are incomplete and/or lack reference letters received in due time will not be considered further.

Note 2: The NCCR RNA & Disease might cancel the Predoc call 2021 at anytime, if the Covid-19 situation should change.

Click here to download the web version of the Predoc Flyer (approx. 350 KB)

Click here to download the print version of the Predoc Flyer (approx. 23 MB)

Anticipated Participating Groups 2021 Call (Subject to Change)

University of Bern

ETH Zürich

EPF Lausanne

University of Basel

University of Geneva

University of Lausanne

University of Zürich

IOR Bellinzona

IRB Bellinzona