1st bench2biz Workshop

The 2019 bench2biz workshop took place on December 11, 12 & 16 at ETH and the Technopark in Zurich. Ten teams, each consisting of aspiring entrepreneurs and experts from different fields, participated in the fast-paced two and a half days workshop. The participants evaluated various aspects regarding the commercialization of their business idea and were supported by experts with their know-how and advice. The participant’s feedback was very positive, as exemplified by the following statement: “The meeting was really intense, but was extremely instructive. It was a great use of our time and very helpful to start thinking about the project differently than just as a research project”.

The 2019 bench2biz workshop was a joint initiative by the NCCRs Bioinspired Materials, Chemical Biology, PlanetS, RNA & Disease (local organizer), QSIT and Transcure. The organizers are grateful to Innosuisse and the Swiss Intellectual Property Institute for their financial support, the team experts and the two workshop facilitators Christian Moser and Mark Wilson.