Editorial Norbert Polacek - The Messenger No. 12

Dear colleagues,

The Training & Education activities are now in their sixth year. Therefore a look back is justified to evaluate the success of the various measures taken to attract and educate students in RNA biology. We are happy to witness the constant growth of the RNA Biology PhD program with currently more than 45 enrolled students.

I want to especially highlight the success of our “youngest Training & Education baby”, the Predoc program. It was launched 2018 to allow master students to rotate for one year through different NCCR labs before starting a PhD project. We are now in the third phase of this program and have offered so far 12 students a Predoc position. We are pleased to see that all of the Predoc students from the first and one from the second round have meanwhile started a PhD in Switzerland, and two of them in an NCCR group.

Another highlight of our activities is the summer school. Meanwhile the third summer school was held in 2019 and it was again very well received by the participating students/postdocs as well as by the engaged lecturers.

Even though the majority of our education activities can be considered a full success, on one front room for improvement exists. Our PhD students not only have the opportunity for inviting one speaker per year for the seminar series, but they can also selforganize student retreats. So far solely two retreats were launched, thus more such activities are highly encouraged.

In summary, the Training & Education program is running smoothly and keeps contributing to the success of the NCCR RNA & Disease.

Norbert Polacek, Delegate Training and Education & Principal Investigator NCCR RNA & Disease

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