The NCCR RNA & Disease awards 4 PhD fellowships to its associate members

Following a call for associate members to submit proposals for PhD projects that will be conducted in collaboration with NCCR member labs, the NCCR RNA & disease has selected the following 4 projects for funding:

  • Role of miRNAs in the regulation of human T cell activation and functions in multiple sclerosis in the lab of Silvia Monticelli (IRB Bellinzona) in collaboration with Jonathan Hall (ETHZ)
  • Structural basis for ribosome-mediated Alopecia-neurological defects-endocrinopathy in the lab of Vikram Panse (UZH) in collaboration with Frédéric Allain and Nenad Ban(both ETHZ)
  • Analysis of epigenetic and non-coding RNA pathways in prostate cancer in the lab of Raffaella Santoro (UZH) in collaboration with Constance Ciaudo (ETHZ)
  • Investigating the role of stress granules as an innate cellular antiviral defence mechanism in the lab of Volker Thiel (UniBE) in collaboration with Oliver Mühlemann (UniBE)