SRF Health Magazine "Puls" Video on mRNA Vaccines featuring Steve Pascolo

This week's edition of "Puls", the Swiss television's (SRF) health magazine, focused this week on Corona vaccination. The edition featured a video on mRNA vaccines featuring Steve Pascolo. Steve Pascolo is group leader at the Dermatology Clinic of the University Hospital Zurich, head of the URPP Translational Cancer mRNA platform and associate member of the NCCR RNA & Disease. He was a co-founder of Curevac, which is a German company developing mRNA vaccines. He and his team in the framework of the NRP78 Covid-19 are working on "An optimized prophylactic mRNA vaccine against coronavirus disease 2019" using self-amplifying mRNA vaccines, which have the promise of being effective at much lower doses than the currently used non-replicating vaccines for vacinating against SARS-CoV-2.

Click here to watch the video on the SRF Website (in German)

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