Scientifica 2023: RNA - Protein Droplets

This year's Scientifica ran under the theme "What holds the world together" and over 20'000 people visited the exhibition on September 2 and 3 at the three venues of ETHZ and the University of Zurich. The NCCR RNA & Disease presented a booth with the title "Take a dive into the world of RNA-protein droplets" and tours of a molecular biology lab and the NMR labs were offered.

At the NCCR's booth, visitors could mix protein droplets and observer them under the microscope, including how they change upon adding RNA, the second experimental part for kids featured four experiments on the topic of oil and water phase separation and surface tension. Also, visitors could play a game in which they take over the role of the protein TDP-43 in cellular homeostasis and explore the 3D structures of it in complex with RNA. Visitors could also explore the NCCR's public outreach website on RNA "Molecool - Cosmos RNA" and watch five videos featuring women researchers of the NCCR filmed in the context of the NCCR Women campaign.

The booth content was created by the NCCR's scientific officers and the Allain, Jonas and Polymenidou labs. Presenters at the booth were from the Allain, Barral, Bühler, Corn, Hall J,  Jonas, Leitner, Mühlemann, Polacek and Thiel labs. The lab tours were given by members of the Gossert (NMR platform) and Allain labs.