New "Equal Opportunities" Measure: Financial Support for Child Care during Scientific Conferences and Short Research Stays

The NCCR RNA & Disease is delighted to launch a new Equal Opportunities measure that members of the NCCR RNA & Disease can apply to as of now: Child Care Support during Conferences or Short Research Stays

Scope: Conferences or short stays at foreign research institutes are important parts of the professional development of young scientists and can aid in advancing their careers and fulfilling their research goals. Conferences offer an opportunity for networking, training in presentation skills, staying current with the latest developments in the research field, providing career opportunities, and last but not least, serve as a source of inspiration. Researchers with young children often require extra-ordinary child care options during conference stays, incurring additional expenses.

Description: The NCCR RNA & Disease supports conferences or short research stays of junior scientists by providing funds to cover any increased child care costs incurred. The maximum allowable costs are listed in the guidelines. For more information about the "Child Care Support during Conferences or Short Research Stays" and other Equal Opportunity measures, click here.