RNA Biology Lecture Series

The aim of these lectures is to provide a comprehensive educational offering in the field of RNA Biology for MSc and PhD students. The NCCR RNA & Disease offers the unique chance to have lectures taught by leading experts in the field from five Swiss research institutions covering a wide range of aspects of RNA biology.

The lectures take place in the autumn semester and will alternate each year between the University of Bern and ETH Zurich.

Lecture Series I: Transcription & Processing & Translation (Autumn Semester 2018: ETH Zurich)

Thursdays, 14:45-16:30, ETH Hönggerberg, HCI H 8.1

Course Catalogue ETH Zurich

  • 20.09.2018 Stefanie Jonas
    Transcription & RNP assembly
  • 27.09.2018 & 04.10.2018 Frédéric Allain 
    Splicing, alternative splicing & RNA editing
  • 11.10.2018 Michael Hall
    Signal transduction & RNA
  • 18.10.2018 & 25.10.2018 Norbert Polacek 
    Ribozymes & translation regulation
  • 01.11.2018 Ulrike Kutay
    RNP biogenesis & nuclear export I
  • 08.11.2018 Ivo Zemp
    RNP biogenesis & nuclear export II
  • 15.11.2018 & 22.11.2018 Nenad Ban 
    The ribosome structure & translation
  • 29.11.2018 & 06.12.2018 Oliver Mühlemann 
    mRNA turnover & Nonsense-mediated mRNA decay
  • 13.12.2018 David Gatfield
    Rhythmic transcriptome and proteome
  • 20.12.2018 Rory Johnson 
    Long noncoding RNAs in cancer

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Lecture Series II: Non-coding RNAs: Biology & Therapeutics (Autumn Semester 2018: University of Bern)

Schedule to be announced