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S. E. Allen, I. Hug, S. Pabian, I. Rzeszutek, C. Hoehener and M. Nowacki (2017)
Circular Concatemers of Ultra-Short DNA Segments Produce Regulatory RNAs
Cell, 168(6), 990-999 e7
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E. Sasaki, D. Böhringer, M. van de Waterbeemd, M. Leibundgut, R. Zschoche, A. J. Heck, N. Ban and D. Hilvert (2017)
Structure and assembly of scalable porous protein cages
Nat Commun, 8, 14663
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D. Cirera-Salinas, M. Bodak and C. Ciaudo (2017)
Versatility of DGCR8 controls stem cell fate
Cell Cycle, 16 (8), 729-730
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A. Lanzos, J. Carlevaro-Fita, L. Mularoni, F. Reverter, E. Palumbo, R. Guigo and R. Johnson (2017)
Discovery of Cancer Driver Long Noncoding RNAs across 1112 Tumour Genomes: New Candidates and Distinguishing Features
Sci Rep, 7, 41544
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B. Malone, I. Atanassov, F. Aeschimann, X. Li, H. Grosshans and C. Dieterich (2017)
Bayesian prediction of RNA translation from ribosome profiling
Nucleic Acids Res, Epub ahead of print
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G. Balistreri, C. Bognanni and O. Mühlemann (2017)
Virus Escape and Manipulation of Cellular Nonsense-Mediated mRNA Decay
Viruses, 9 (1)
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R. Ungricht and U. Kutay (2017)
Mechanisms and functions of nuclear envelope remodelling
Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol, 18 (4), 229-245
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M. Bolten, C. Vahlensieck, C. Lipp, M. Leibundgut, N. Ban and E. Weber-Ban (2017)
Depupylase Dop requires Inorganic Phosphate in the Active Site for Catalysis
J Biol Chem, 292 (10), 4044-4053
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M. Bodak, D. Cirera-Salinas, J. Luitz and C. Ciaudo (2017)
The role of RNA interference in stem cell biology: Beyond the mutant phenotypes
J Mol Biol, Epub ahead of print
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C. Montellese, N. Montel-Lehry, A. K. Henras, U. Kutay, P. E. Gleizes and M. F. O'Donohue (2017)
Poly(A)-specific ribonuclease is a nuclear ribosome biogenesis factor involved in human 18S rRNA maturation
Nucleic Acids Res, Epub ahead of print
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D. Mas-Ponte, J. Carlevaro-Fita, E. Palumbo, T. Hermoso Pulido, R. Guigo and R. Johnson (2017)
LncATLAS database for subcellular localisation of long noncoding RNAs
RNA, Epub ahead of print
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A. Vancevska, K. M. Douglass, V. Pfeiffer, S. Manley and J. Lingner (2017)
The telomeric DNA damage response occurs in the absence of chromatin decompaction
Genes Dev, 31 (6), 567-577
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M. Koch, J. Willi, U. Pradère, J. Hall and N. Polacek (2017)
Critical 23S rRNA interactions for macrolide-dependent ribosome stalling on the ErmCL nascent peptide chain
Nucleic Acids Res, Epub ahead of print
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G. Dorn, A. Leitner, J. Boudet, S. Campagne, C. von Schroetter, A. Moursy, R. Aebersold and F. H. Allain (2017)
Structural modeling of protein-RNA complexes using crosslinking of segmentally isotope-labeled RNA and MS/MS
Nat Methods, Epub ahead of print
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B. Samatanga, A. Cléry, P. Barraud, F. H. Allain and I. Jelesarov (2017)
Comparative analyses of the thermodynamic RNA binding signatures of different types of RNA recognition motifs
Nucleic Acids Res, Epub ahead of print
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J. Yu and C. Ciaudo (2017)
Vector Integration Sites Identification for Gene-Trap Screening in Mammalian Haploid Cells
Sci Rep, 7, 44736
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U. Pradère, F. Halloy and J. Hall (2017)
Chemical synthesis of long RNAs with terminal 5'-phosphate groups
Chemistry, 23 (22), 5210-5213
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A. Cléry, T. J. Sohier, T. Welte, A. Langer and F. H. Allain (2017)
switchSENSE: A new technology to study protein-RNA interactions
Methods, Epub ahead of print
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C. Pulido-Quetglas, E. Aparicio-Prat, C. Arnan, T. Polidori, T. Hermoso, E. Palumbo, J. Ponomarenko, R. Guigo and R. Johnson (2017)
Scalable Design of Paired CRISPR Guide RNAs for Genomic Deletion
PLoS Comput Biol, 13 (3), e1005341
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J. Y. Tan, A. A. Smith, M. Ferreira da Silva, C. Matthey-Doret, R. Rueedi, R. Sonmez, D. Ding, Z. Kutalik, S. Bergmann and A. C. Marques (2017)
cis-Acting Complex-Trait-Associated lincRNA Expression Correlates with Modulation of Chromosomal Architecture
Cell Rep, 18 (9), 2280-2288
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K. Ahmed, M. P. LaPierre, E. Gasser, R. Denzler, Y. Yang, T. Rulicke, J. Kero, M. Latreille and M. Stoffel (2017)
Loss of microRNA-7a2 induces hypogonadotropic hypogonadism and infertility
J Clin Invest, 127 (3), 1061-1074
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A. Riba, M. Emmenlauer, A. Chen, F. Sigoillot, F. Cong, C. Dehio, J. Jenkins and M. Zavolan (2017)
Explicit Modeling of siRNA-Dependent On- and Off-Target Repression Improves the Interpretation of Screening Results
Cell Syst, 4 (2), 182-193 e4
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H. Leske, S. Hornemann, U. S. Herrmann, C. Zhu, P. Dametto, B. Li, F. Laferriere, M. Polymenidou, P. Pelczar, R. R. Reimann, P. Schwarz, E. J. Rushing, K. Wüthrich and A. Aguzzi (2017)
Protease resistance of infectious prions is suppressed by removal of a single atom in the cellular prion protein
PLoS One, 12 (2), e0170503
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M. M. Slabodnick, J. G. Ruby, S. B. Reiff, E. C. Swart, S. Gosai, S. Prabakaran, E. Witkowska, G. E. Larue, S. Fisher, R. M. Freeman, Jr., J. Gunawardena, W. Chu, N. A. Stover, B. D. Gregory, M. Nowacki, J. Derisi, S. W. Roy, W. F. Marshall and P. Sood (2017)
The Macronuclear Genome of Stentor coeruleus Reveals Tiny Introns in a Giant Cell
Curr Biol, 27 (4), 569-575
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G. Lossaint and J. Lingner (2017)
TZAP or not to zap telomeres
Science, 355 (6325), 578-579
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M. Bodak, D. Cirera-Salinas, J. Yu, R. P. Ngondo and C. Ciaudo (2017)
Dicer, a new regulator of pluripotency exit and LINE-1 elements in mouse embryonic stem cells
FEBS Open Bio, 7 (2), 204-220
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J. Barandun, F. F. Damberger, C. L. Delley, J. Laederach, F. H. Allain and E. Weber-Ban (2017)
Prokaryotic ubiquitin-like protein remains intrinsically disordered when covalently attached to proteasomal target proteins
BMC Struct Biol, 17 (1), 1
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C. H. Aylett and N. Ban (2017)
Eukaryotic aspects of translation initiation brought into focus
Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci, 372, 1716
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E. Moroz, S. H. Lee, K. Yamada, F. Halloy, S. Martinez-Montero, H. Jahns, J. Hall, M. J. Damha, B. Castagner and J. C. Leroux (2016)
Carrier-free Gene Silencing by Amphiphilic Nucleic Acid Conjugates in Differentiated Intestinal Cells
Mol Ther Nucleic Acids, 5, e364
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F. Aeschimann, P. Kumari, H. Bartake, D. Gaidatzis, L. Xu, R. Ciosk and H. Grosshans (2017)
LIN41 Post-transcriptionally Silences mRNAs by Two Distinct and Position-Dependent Mechanisms
Mol Cell, 65 (3), 476-489 e4
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J. Bruggisser, S. Käser, J. Mani and A. Schneider (2017)
Biogenesis of a mitochondrial outer membrane protein in Trypanosoma brucei: targeting signal and dependence on an unique biogenesis factor
J Biol Chem, 292 (8), 3400-3410
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D. Cirera-Salinas, J. Yu, M. Bodak, R. P. Ngondo, K. M. Herbert and C. Ciaudo (2017)
Noncanonical function of DGCR8 controls mESC exit from pluripotency
J Cell Biol, 216 (2), 355-366
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A. González and M. N. Hall (2017)
Nutrient sensing and TOR signaling in yeast and mammals
EMBO J, 36 (4), 397-408
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J. Mani, S. Rout, S. Desy and A. Schneider (2017)
Mitochondrial protein import - Functional analysis of the highly diverged Tom22 orthologue of Trypanosoma brucei
Sci Rep, 7, 40738
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J. Barman-Aksözen, P. Ćwiek, V. B. Bansode, F. Koentgen, J. Trüb, P. Pelczar, P. Cinelli, X. Schneider-Yin, D. Schümperli and E. I. Minder (2017)
Modelling the ferrochelatase c.315-48C modifier mutation for erythropoietic protoporphyria (EPP) in mice
Dis Model Mech, 10 (3), 225-233
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S. Fitter, M. P. Matthews, S. K. Martin, J. Xie, S. S. Ooi, C. R. Walkley, J. D. Codrington, M. A. Ruegg, M. N. Hall, C. G. Proud, S. Gronthos and A. C. Zannettino (2017)
mTORC1 Plays an Important Role in Skeletal Development by Controlling pre-Osteoblast Differentiation
Mol Cell Biol, 37 (7), e00668-16
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M. Polymenidou and D. W. Cleveland (2017)
Biological Spectrum of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Prions
Cold Spring Harb Perspect Med, Epub ahead of print
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P. Bieri, M. Leibundgut, M. Saurer, D. Boehringer and N. Ban (2017)
The complete structure of the chloroplast 70S ribosome in complex with translation factor pY
EMBO J, 36 (4), 475-486
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A. Harsman and A. Schneider (2017)
Mitochondrial protein import in trypanosomes - Expect the unexpected
Traffic, 18 (2), 96-109
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M. Li, H. L. Lightfoot, F. Halloy, A. L. Malinowska, C. Berk, A. Behera, D. Schümperli and J. Hall (2017)
Synthesis and cellular activity of stereochemically-pure 2'-O-(2-methoxyethyl)-phosphorothioate oligonucleotides
Chem Commun (Camb), 53 (3), 541-544
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M. Colombo, E. D. Karousis, J. Bourquin, R. Bruggmann and O. Mühlemann (2017)
Transcriptome-wide identification of NMD-targeted human mRNAs reveals extensive redundancy between SMG6- and SMG7-mediated degradation pathways
RNA, 23 (2), 189-201
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M. Feretzaki and J. Lingner (2017)
A practical qPCR approach to detect TERRA, the elusive telomeric repeat-containing RNA
Methods, 114, 39-45
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L. Champion, M. I. Linder and U. Kutay (2017)
Cellular Reorganization during Mitotic Entry
Trends Cell Biol, 27 (1), 26-41
Pubmed(external link)

J. Majerska, S. Redon and J. Lingner (2017)
Quantitative telomeric chromatin isolation protocol for human cells
Methods, 114, 28-38
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